Our Story

Founder of Ligas Brandon Robinson photographed in Kraków, Poland

LIGAS was founded by Canadian-Polish entrepreneur Brandon Robinson. He was born in Canada and spent the early part of his life in that country. After the completion of his studies in Canada and the United Kingdom he moved to Poland to explore his maternal roots.

Choosing the ancient city of Kraków, Robinson fully immersed himself in everything Polish and quickly came to love the country. In Poland he found an industrious people and a rising nation.

A clothing company was launched out of his passion for fine clothing and fabrics. The name, 'Ligas', he quickly settled on, it was chosen in honour of his Polish-born grandmother and ancestors in Poland who once had that surname. He wanted to mix the European heritage of Ligas with casual designs suitable to wear in the twenty-first century. Ligas emerged as a brand entirely committed to European craftsmanship. The idea of the company was born in Poland - the designs are Polish - materials sourced in Poland - all Ligas products bear the mark 'Made in Poland', and always will, a testament to the Ligas Group's commitment to Poland.